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Do you want to use the TikTok app in India but looking for a reliable source? If yes, then you are in the right place. Here in this article, Today we are going to share a complete and step-by-step guide to install and use the TikTok app in India.

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Note: This article is just for information purpose. We or any member of this site does not recommend to use this app if you’re living in India as it is banned there by court orders. If you still want to use it, We will be not responsible for any cause or legal issues if you faced. Thank You!

What is the TikTok App?

What Is TikTok Apk?

TikTok apk is currently the most trending social media application that allows users to create fun and entertaining videos. From comedy videos to dancing, acting, recording expressions based on moods, creating dramatic song sequences, TikTok allows you to live a performer’s life. It is basically a Chinese app that was created back in 2016. Previously the app was popular as Musical.ly which later got renamed to Tik Tok app.

TikTok Apk Info.

App NameTikTok Apk.
File Type.apk
File Size73.48 MB
App CategorySocial Media
CompatibilityAndroid 4.1+
App Versionv5.8.3 (583)

How To Use TikTok Apk?

The application requires users to register first in the platform. Once they have their own channel, they can create their videos instantly. For the beginners, the app offers plenty of demo videos from other users to take ideas. Its all about using your creativity and acting talent to bring out the best kind of entertainment.

The application has got an expansive library of music, dialogues, tunes to choose from. The following steps will show you the steps to use TikTok.

1. Create a User Account

First of all, create your user account to access the application’s features. You can create the account using Facebook, Gmail as well as by new registration process. After successfully creating your account, TikTok app will generate a user name for you.

That will be your official TikTok user name. Your friends and other followers can find you to follow in TikTok with the created user-id. You can also change the user-name profile information and Bio just like Facebook and Instagram by visiting the ‘Edit Profile’ Section.

2. Browse videos

For better user experience, before you start, you can check out plenty of entertaining stuff from the other users. You can follow users directly from there. There will be two tabs- ‘For You’ and ‘Following.’ The ‘For You’ section displays the suggested videos for you based on TikTok’s algorithm.

The ‘Following’ section displays the user’s videos you have followed. You can discover all trending videos in the ‘For You’ section. You can ‘heart’ the videos just like Instagram, comment on them and even check out the track name with the music icon. If you want to share the videos to other platforms, click on the ‘Arrow’ sign.

3. Shoot videos

To record your own video, press the ‘Plus’ sign, and you will find a red color recording button. You can add songs from the library to shoot together with the music, or you can even record a video and upload the music track later.

Not just music, you can also select dialogues and mimic them for a fun video session. Dancers can have a great time recording their moves with too many latest chartbusters and funky musical beats. After you are done recording, you can add emojis, Gifs. Apply filters and motion effects to the video like Snapchat.

4. Participate in Challenges

Tik Tok often comes up with exciting challenges. You will find users going gaga over any track or moves and uploading videos with it in different styles. Challenge them and upload your creative content following the challenge rules. Share them on social media like-Facebook, Instagram with your friends and other users across the world.

Salient Features of TikTok Apk App

TikTok App

1. Directly Upload Videos

Tik Tok is one of the most convenient platforms to add effects to your recorded videos. The application’s interface allows you to upload any kind of video instantly and add effects like- filters, emojis, movement gifs, and interesting background tracks. No other platform offers such instant video uploading feature like Tik Tok. You can maintain a consistency in Tik Tok account to entertain your followers with this instant video upload feature when you are unable to shoot.

2. Video Download

Apart from shooting and uploading videos, Tik Tok also allows direct downloading of videos. Many times in TikTok, the video contents are so much exciting and funny that you will love them to have permanently. You can instantly do it without using any third party application and also share it directly with your friends and dear ones.

3. Duet Videos

How fascinating will it be if you can have a duet session with your long distance friend? Tik Tok provides you this fantastic opportunity with duet videos. You can easily have a duet with your friend staying in any part of the world and have a fun video recording session. The recording quality is as excellent as you do in solo video and you can even apply effects to make it more appealing.

4. Recording Timer

The recording timer in Tik Tok is handy if you are recording any dance video or lip-syncing video. You can easily set a timer and focus on your video recording while you are matching lips to dialogues or song. Same goes for recording your dance moves. You don’t need to start and stop the recording button manually. You can just focus on your shoot, and video recording will be done automatically.

5. Enhanced video editor

Tik Tok is famous for its superior quality video editor. Not only you can choose tons of attractive filters, emojis, gifs and effect but, even eliminate the recording faults. For example- If you have not properly lip-synced a song video, Tik Tok’s enhanced video editor will allow you correct it instantly making it perfectly lip-synced like you see in Bollywood movies.

How to Download TikTok Application?

TikTok app is available for direct download in the Google Play store and App Store for all other countries across the world except India.db

How to Download and Use TikTok App in India?

How to Use TikTok App In India?

Following the recent ban on TikTok in India, Google Play Store and App Store in India have removed it. So, for the Indian Android users, if you want to enjoy the TikTok apk, you can download it from the third party source.

Unfortunately, iPhone users in India will not be able to download it from the third party source. They can use it in their Mac system.

Windows users can also have the fun of TikTok app in their Pcs and laptops.

Here’s the step-by-step guide to download and use the TikTok app in India;

Step-1: Open the settings from your smartphones and tablets after that go to Security. Now, select ‘Unknown Sources.’ This will enable you the permission to download the app from third party source other than Google Play Store.

Step-2: Now, You can download the TikTok apk file from the third-party source in Android and if you want to download TikTok app then click on the button below.

Download TikTok 5.8.3 (73.48 MB)

Step-3: After downloading, double click on the apk file to accept the terms and conditions and complete the installation procedure.

Step-4: After successful installation, the TikTok app will be launched with its icon in your device.

These were simple and straight forward steps to download TikTok apk in India. In any case, If the app also got banned by the network operator, You can use the Turbo VPN app.

Download and Use TikTok on Windows PC and Mac

Step-1: In order to run Tik Tok properly on your PC and MAC, you need to install Android Emulator first. Bluestacks is one of the finest and easy to use android emulator. You can download the Bluestacks Android emulator from its original website. Visit: Bluestacks.com

Step-2: Once the file is downloaded in your system, click on it for installation. The downloaded file will be a .exe file if you are using PC and .dmg file if you are using Mac. As soon as you click on the file, an ‘Install Now’ button will pop up, Click on it to complete the Bluestacks installation process.

Step-3: Now, You will find Bluestacks launched by its official icon in your PC/Mac desktop screen. Open it, go to App center and login with your Google account.

Step-4: You will be directed to the App store. Go to the search bar and type TikTok and hit enter. If you’re from India, the follow this guide to download TikTok apk file in your PC and later install it using Bluestacks.

Step-5: You will find the application apk file instantly. Click on the Install button and the application will be directly installed to your PC/Mac/Laptop. Please tap on the application icon to start using it.

Is TikTok Safe?

Tik Tok is not convenient for the children below 18 years of age as the accounts are mostly public with limited security features. As a result, strangers might use the opportunity to contact children and harm them which is usually a very rare case. However, there is a chance since mostly the profiles are public and let other users view your content. Also, too much exposure to entertainment is harmful to children as it can distract them from their innocent lifestyle.

For teens and adults, the platform is fantastic. They can create a private profile like Instagram and decide to whom they want to give their profile content access. They are mature to handle social media rules effectively and hence can enjoy the entertainment features of TikTok to the core.

The app also allows you to report explicit contents or anything that does not comply with Tik Tok’s guidelines.
If you feel any follower is harassing you in TikTok, you can easily block them or remove them from their follower list.

Final Words

TikTok app is pure love for the entertainment buffs. Those who have not yet given it a try till now, install it. You will have a great fun time shooting entertaining videos.

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