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SuperSU Apk Download Latest Version For Android:

The Android development community has grown rapidly over a couple of years. After the launch of some budget phones like the Nexus series, Yu series, Redmi series, etc. people took a lot of interest in Android development. Even though OEMs have discontinued most of them from the market, the developers are still active. One of the most important parts of this community is the SuperSU Apk, since the start.

The SuperSU app is a root access manager application used to maintain the root access for various apps. Not everything can be customized with the apps available on the Play Store. Many tweaks require root access as desired by the apps. Not only this, to tweak changes in the build, Prop, etc. you need the root access as well. And that’s where the SuperSU Apk proves to be a pretty handy application.

Want to try this out? Well, you can try it out with ease. This post is completely about the SuperSU Apk along with the features, how to install guide and the download links for the latest version. Have a glance at them and get the most out of your Android smartphone :’)

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SuperSU Apk

SuperSU Apk
Super SU Apk is a free to use service that lets you keep track of all root granted apps on any Android phone. In other words, it has the ability to provide you total control over the phone. Simple, isn’t it?

For years, the SuperSU Apk is one of the most popular solutions for a majority of the root access and permission issues. The SuperSU was initially developed and maintained by ChainFire. Later in 2015, they handed over the complete access to the development to CCMT. Since then, the app is under the control of CCMT.

To manage the rooting more effectively, the SuperSU app was introduced that allows advanced management of Superuser permissions and root access. For using this app, you need to get the device rooted. Want to know how? Don’t worry! We have included a small guide for rooting an Android phone using SuperSU in this post.

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SuperSU Apk Info.

App NameSuperSU Apk
App Versionv2.82
File Type.apk
Released On09 March, 2012
Offered ByCodingcode
App Size5.91 MB
App CategoryTools

Features of SuperSU Apk

The SuperSU Apk is full of astonishing features that have made it grow a huge fan base. Here are the top features of this amazing app:

  • Access to the superuser permissions
  • Manage root access for various apps on the device
  • Perform a complete unroot with ease
  • Deep process detection
  • Can work easily with a custom recovery
  • Runs in a ghost mode
  • Backup script for surviving Cyanogen Mod nightly builds
  • Wakes up on prompt
  • Works even when the device isn’t properly booted
  • Temporary or Permanent Unroot
  • 5 options to select the icon along with an invisible one
  • Theme selection from 4 available options

SuperSU Pro Apk Features

There’s also a Pro variant of the SuperSU Apk. The features of the pro version are as follows:

  • OTA updates (Depends on the device, the developer doesn’t guarantee it)
  • Logging configuration and user override for each app specifically
  • Protection for the app and permission using a PIN
  • Manage the time to Grant and Deny the root access to a particular app
  • A full color-coded command for the content logging (includes error/input/output)

Now that you have gone through all the features of SuperSU and SuperSU Pro Apk let’s move to the installation guide and the download links.

Download SuperSU Apk Latest Version

SuperSU Apk

Well, the SuperSU Apk was previously available on Google Play Store. But for some reason, the free version of the apk is no longer available there. Thus, you need to install it separately, if required. If you have installed the SuperSU Apk using the zip file, then there’s no need to worry about the apk file.

Download SuperSU Apk v2.82 (5.91 MB)

How to Install SuperSU Apk on any Android Device?

Well, installing SuperSU Apk on an Android phone is no rocket. You just need to have a custom recovery like TWRP recovery installed on the device. If you have it, follow these steps to install the apk:

Step-1: Download the SuperSU zip file from the download links provided in this post.

Step-2: Reboot the device into recovery mode. For some devices, it gets into recovery mode by pressing “Power + Volume Down” keys, and for some, it is “Power + Volume Up” keys. Make sure to boot with the correct method.

Step-3: Now, take a complete backup of your current ROM. Thus, in case anything goes wrong, we will have a backup to recover everything with ease.

Step-4: To take the backup, navigate to “Backup,” and select the partitions named “Data,” “System,” and “Boot.” Now swipe to backup them.

Step-5: Once done, navigate to the “Install” menu and locate the SuperSU zip file.

Step-6: Select the zip file and swipe to confirm flash. Wait for a couple of moments for the installation to get completed and reboot the device.

Step-7: Voila! You have successfully rooted the device and installed the SuperSU Apk.

To verify that the device has been successfully rooted, you can use the Root Checker App. Get it from the Google Play Store from here.

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How to Uninstall the SuperSU Apk?

At times, you might want to uninstall the SuperSU Apk and completely remove it. But it can’t be uninstalled with the traditional method of uninstalling any other app out there. Therefore, follow these steps carefully to get the job done:

Step-1: Launch the SuperSU Apk and navigate to the “Settings” menu.

Step-2: Look up for the “Cleanup” option present somewhere at the bottom of the list of options.

Step-3: Tap on the “Full Unroot” option to uninstall the app completely.

Step-4: You might get a pop-up for confirmation. Tap on “Continue” and wait for a couple of moments.

Step-5: Once done, reboot the device, and you will be done!

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Final Words: SuperSU Apk

SuperSU could be one of the best solutions for rooting and managing the root access on an Android phone. Why do you want to root your Android phone or install the SuperSU Apk? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below. Also, if you have faced any trouble in downloading or installing the SuperSU Apk or zip file, do let us know. And for more such astonishing apps, keep following ApkMarkt. :’)

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