GTA 5 Apk + OBB Download Latest Version (Unlimited Money) Updated

GTA 5 Apk Download Latest Version v1.09 For Android:

If gaming has been your favorite thing back in the days, you are definitely going to remember the popular open-world action and adventure game, Grand Theft Road, right?

Well, the GTA 5 which was initially released back in 2013 created a storm amidst the avid gamers. This installation in the series by the developers Rockstar North is definitely what every single one of the gamers talked about back in the days.

With the comeback of this game again in the form of an application, gamers from all around the world are again in a persistent excitement willing to relive those days again.

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GTA 5 Apk

GTA 5 Apk
GTA 5 Apk

The GTA 5 Apk is an application recently launched which brings back the amazing features of this series of the Gangster games for people to try and love.

This new application is meant for downloading on the Android platforms and for people to enjoy the game right at their fingertips and on the go.

It can be downloaded easily on the devices and is meant to be played without any kind of obstructions. If you have been waiting for something like this to finally happen, your wait is finally over now.

This rendition of the mobile version of the game is believed to have the exact same features much like that of the actual game.

So, if you have played the game before on the console, the feeling of playing it on the mobile is definitely going to be something similar.

Here are some screenshots;

GTA 5 Apk

GTA 5 Apk

GTA 5 Apk

GTA 5 Apk

GTA 5 Apk

GTA 5 Apk

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GTA 5 Apk Info.

App NameGTA 5 Apk
App Size173.01 MB
File Type.apk
App Versionv1.09
App CategoryGames and Mod Apks
DeveloperRockstar Games
Required Android Version4.0+

Download GTA 5 Apk Latest Version

To download GTA 5 Apk, you can use the link below. After clicking, you will be redirected to the download page of apk file and further information is available there.

Click the link below to proceed.

Download GTA 5 Apk v1.09 (173 MB)

How to Install GTA 5 Apk?

When it comes to the process of installing, the process is pretty standard for how you install any other game on the Android devices. In order for you to have a better understanding, we are going to guide you through the process of installation steps.

Step-1: For the very first step even before you download the Apk file, it is necessary to switch on the Unknown Sources in your settings of the phone. This will enable you to download the apk from unknown sources without blocking the installation process.

Step-2: Once, that is enabled, go to the file manager option on your phone.

Step-3: Go to the “Downloads” category, and click on the downloaded Apk.

Step-4: Install the application and then you are ready to take on with the amazing game of the GTA 5.

Now, you have successfully installed GTA V Apk on your android device. It’s time to add OBB data to GTA 5 apk.

Here is the step-by-step guide;

Step-1: Open the file manager or you can install es file explorer app from the play store. By using this app, we have to extract the data file in the game folder.

Step-2: Find the downloaded file “GTA V OBB File” >> tap on it to see options >> click on the move option and move it to the Android >> obb >> GTA V.

Step-3: Now, open the GTA V game and play it.

Features of GTA 5 Apk

In this section, we are going to walk you through the common yet astounding features of the GTA V that you experience while playing through the game. While this section might touch down on some aspects of the gameplay, be assured that the same is completely dependent on what your strategies are.

Let’s dive into the features, shall we?

Ample Amount of Planes

Being the fact that the game is solely an action and adventure game, you really can’t expect to proceed with the same without any form of planes and ammunition, right? Well, the developers have got you covered with the varying options of planes you get on the application as well. Apart from the normal planes, players will also have access to the helicopters which are believed to have multiplayer setting included in that of the military places as well.

Proper Customization

When it comes to cars and your own player figure, every single gamer likes to have everything customized as per their liking. With this application, you can have that as well. The GTA 5 apk actually does offer you a wide range of options to choose from. The cash you earn can be spent on varying types of customizations and even clothes for the figures.

Other Options to Venture Into

Let’s be real; no one likes to be stuck playing amidst guns and violence constantly. A break is needed at times too. If you are on the same page like this, GTA 5 app has got that covered for you as well. They have amazing options for other games for you to venture into, some of the common ones being tennis, golf and even cycling.

Proper Breathtaking Graphics

Every single kind of game, wherever it is played, needs to have an amazing graphic that keeps the player hooked. With the GTA 5 apk, you don’t even need to think twice about the same because the developers have got that covered for you. Every single aspect of the game is well developed in terms of graphics which helps you gain a real-time experience with the game.

Multiplayer Option

Having multiple people play at a time is definitely challenging and thrilling at the same time. With the GTA 5 apk, you can experience both because it does have the amazing multiplayer option for you to experience the game in. Make sure you limit the number of players though because otherwise, everything will seem like havoc.

Multiple Main Characters

Playing under the same guise can get a bit boring at times and if that’s the case with you, with GTA 5 app, you don’t have to worry about that. The game does come with three different protagonists who run the game altogether. Having three different protagonists help you switch in between the games which are definitely quite helpful when it comes to saving lives and such.

Scuba Diving Option

Always wanted to go scuba diving but don’t know swimming well enough to do it? The GTA 5 definitely offers you that option to look into. This is also an amazing option to break free from your boredom of fighting off the peasants on the land. You can jump into the depths of the water and explore the world under the GTA 5 game. You will also find some missions there which is an added bonus altogether.

Meet the Hunter Cravings

Yeah, not many such adventure games will offer you the option of going hunting, right? With GTA 5 apk, you can indulge in some of the most dangerous hunts around. Explore into the wilderness for all the raw fun around.

Gamble or Invest

For every single one of the missions that you successfully complete, you get an amazing cash bonus that you can either trade-in or even investor gamble for better fortune. Some of the best options of investment include that of spending them on weed, tattoos or even real estate, whatever works the best for you.

Smoother and Seamless Driving Experience

Next on the list of features that you get to experience with the GTA 5 is the fact that it provides with quite a smooth. and seamless driving experience for you. Prior to the few installations of GTA did experience an uproar from the gamers when it came to the driving experience. With GTA 5, that is definitely fixed.  There is no more sloppy driving experience but everything top of the game which is an added bonus.

A New Mode of Choosing Weapons

Last but not the least on the list of features is the mode of choosing weapons on the GTA 5 apk. In this new rendition, you can easily access, and choose your weapons without any kind of fail. The shooting mechanics have been worked upon and is actually one of the best in the lot. There will no more be any sort of clunky experience while you are trying to whip out your weapons. Switching option between the weapons has also been made a lot easier which is definitely an added bonus.

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Final Words (GTA 5 Apk)

The GTA 5 apk was a much-awaited one till date. If you have been on the lookout for something similar and have tried different games but missed the essence of the original version, the GTA 5 is never going to disappoint you. For the best kind of results, ensure that you download from the website the majority of the people is downloading from, just in case to be safe. With all that aside, with the OG features, and the wide range of player customizations in the game itself, it is definitely something every gamer has been waiting for. Download and install and be ready to take on the entire interface of the game like back in the days.

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