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There is an endless list of camera apps available out there. The number of apps has increased in the market because of the fact that today; people are more into clicking photos and clicking selfies than ever before. Clicking images have become a part of our daily lives. When it comes to clicking pictures, all of us want to be a professional photographer. To prove this point most people go for various camera apps that are available out there. But the main problem with these apps is that they are not good enough even if they are available for free. Well, this is where the Google Camera app comes into the picture. The Google Camera apk is developed and launched by Google itself. Today, it is one of the best camera apps that you can get out there. The specialty of the app is its advanced features. Having said that, let us take a look into the details of the said app.

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Google Camera Apk

Google Camera Apk Download

Google Camera Apk

The Google camera apk is one of the best camera apps which are availble for android users. This camera app is loaded with many cool features like clicking slow motion pictures, HDR+, night mode, portrait mode, panorama, etc.

When it comes to any camera app, there is no other app that is better than the Google camera apk. this particular app is known to load with some of the advanced level features that you will never find in any other similar app. the pictures and videos captured by Google camera app is any day better than the ones that are captured by the cameras of other devices. The app has been developed by Google itself and they have managed to develop the ultimate camera app for the people. This has been only made possible because of the fact that Google is involved in the expertise of image processing.

Here are some pictures which are clicked using Google camera app.

Google Camera App Image

Google Camera Apk Image 1

Google Camera App Image

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Google Camera Apk Info.

App NameGoogle Camera Apk
App SizeVaries with device
DeveloperGoogle LLC
App CategoryTools
App Versionv6.1.009.215420794
File Type.apk
Required AndroidVaries with device

If you want to click amazing pictures on your phone then you should at once get the Google camera apk downloaded on your phone. Since the app comes pre-installed only in Google devices, you will have to rely on the apk file of the app. the app is free to use and thus, you can take great advantage of it.

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Features of Google Camera Apk

Google Camera Apk Setting

Google Camera Apk

The Google camera app is designed to take quality pictures. It is equipped with advanced features that will allow you to take high-quality pictures. The app is used by thousands of people all around the world and it has received good reviews by most users. Since the app is only made available for Google devices, Android users have to download the apk file in order to use the app on their device. If you are too going to download the app on your device then it is advised that you once go through its features first. To help you out we have listed the main features of the app below.


HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. Whenever you click photos on HDR mode, your camera will capture 3 photos instead of one. The first picture will be in a normal condition. In the second picture, your camera exposure is adjusted and thus, you will get a bright picture. This allows you to see the details of the dark part of the picture. The third picture, your camera will reduce the camera exposure. This will help you to notice the details of the picture that is shining too much. All these pictures are then combined together in order to provide you with amazing results. Well, that the magic of the HDR+ mode. This is one of the main features of the Google camera app. This is a feature that you will find in no other photography app out there.

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This feature is very much similar to the ios live photo mode. If you enable this feature while taking a picture, a short, silent, video will be paired with the original photo. The video clip captured will be relevantly low in resolution. This is one of the interesting features that you can avail from the Google camera apk.

Video Stabilisation:

This is yet another great feature that is provided by Google camera apk to its users. These techniques are developed by combining electronic/digital image stabilization and optical image stabilization. While capturing any video, the OIS is known to reduce the blurry image captured due to the movement of the user. In this case, the problems are taken care off at the programming level. Whereas EIS is concerned, it is quite popular these days as it is less expensive and light. It also comes with an improvement in algorithms that are used for image stabilization.


This is yet another feature that is loved by the users. The Smartburst mode basically means the continuous shooting mode, continuous high-speed mode or sports mode. All you need to do is hold down the shutter button and your camera will continue to take pictures. In just a matter of few seconds, the camera will take up to 10 photos from which you can get the best-captured picture as a result. These features come in handy when you have to capture amazing shots of something in motion. Usually, this feature is found in DSLR cameras but with the help of Google camera apk, you can treat your phone camera as a DSLR device.

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Image Location:

The next important feature provided by the app is the image location. When enabled, this feature in Google camera apk starts to get location information through the GPS system in your phone. Once it gets all the location details, it is then added to your videos and photos. This way you don’t have to remember the places and spots where the photos or videos are taken as the information is already attached to it. This is one feature that the users find it highly useful.

Slow motion

This is yet another amazing feature that the app comes with. This feature allows your camera to capture high-speed videos, up to 120 frames per second at 756 x 512. It can also reach up to 240 frames in certain supported devices. With the help of this feature, you can capture slow motion videos on your phone. If you want to get creative then this feature may help you with it.


With the help of this feature you can capture the world in a very unique way. When you select the Panorama mode, a screen with arrows will appear on your screen. By pressing the shutter button below, keep moving your phone to the side you want to capture. This will allow the camera to capture all the pictures one after the other which are later combined to provide you with a bigger image. The resulting image is obviously better than usual. With the help of this feature, you can capture wide shots without any issue.

Photo Sphere:

The next interesting feature provided by the app is the photosphere. This is basically a panoramic image that can be clicked with the help of the Google camera app. By using this feature you can take 360-degree images. This basically means that you can capture everything around you in a single shot. If you want you can also share it in Google maps as well.


This is one of the trending features that is mainly found in DSLR cameras. However, you can still avail it in the Google camera app. with the help of this feature you will be able to capture pictures with blurred backgrounds. This particular mode is also known as bokeh mode. In this mode, the only the object will be in focus while the rest of the background will be blurred. You can actually click beautiful human portrait pictures with the help of this feature.

AR Stickers:

AR here stands for augmented reality. With the help of this feature, you will be able to record videos by placing virtual objects on real surfaces. You can add a variety of stickers in your videos.

Download Google Camera Apk Latest Version

Download Google Camera Apk

Google Camera Apk

One of the very first things that you need to note before you download Google camera app on your device is that it is not available on any Android device other than Google smartphones. Google camera comes pre-installed only in Google devices such as Nexus and pixel. Therefore, you cannot download the application from the Android app store on your device. However, if you still want to use this application then you will have to rely on the apk file version. The only way you can use Google camera (GCam) on your Android device is why downloading the apk file version of the app. In order to download the app, you need to click through this link.

However, for the ones who are not very sure of the entire procedure of downloading the Google camera Apk can follow the steps outlined below. For your convenience, we have provided a step-by-step guide to download the Google camera Apk on your Android device. We have also elaborated each of the steps in details so that you do not face any complications while downloading the Apk file. Here you go with the steps.

Steps to Download Google Camera : GCam Apk

Step-1: The first thing that you need to do in order to download the apk file version of Google camera is to enable the unknown sources on your device. Without enabling this option on your smartphone you cannot download an application from a third party source.

Step-2: In order to enable the unknown sources of your device, you need to first go to the settings and then to the security settings of your device. There you will come across the option unknown sources. All you need to do is check the box provided beside it. This will enable your device to download any file or application from third-party source. This option is provided to prevent your phone from downloading files from an unknown source. It is actually provided to ensure the security of your device. Once you are done with the download process you can change the settings back to what it was.

Step-3: Now that your device is enabled to download files from unknown sources you can move ahead with the process. In this step, you need to click on the button below in order to download the Google camera apk file on your device.

Download Google Camera Apk v6.1.021.220943556 (77.9 MB)

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Step-4: Once the link opens you will see the download option available on the site. Click on the download button and the file will start to download. This should hardly take a few seconds depending on the speed of your internet connection.

How to Install Google Camera (Gcam Apk)?

Step-1: After the download process is completed the file will get saved in your device. The downloaded file will be stored in the file manager of your device.

Step-2: Go to the file manager of your device and look for the downloaded file. When found, click on the file to open it.

Step-3: And installation message will appear on your screen asking for your permission. all you need to do is heat on the installation button after wage the installation process will start. The installation process will hardly take a couple of seconds after which the app is ready to use.

Thus, you can see how easy it is to download the Google camera Apk on your Android device. By following the mention steps closely you can easily get the entire process done in just a matter of a few minutes. Once the Apk is installed in your device you can enjoy the amazing features of Google camera and also click beautiful images according to your wish.

Final Words: Google Camera Apk

Google camera apk is one of the most amazing photography apps that you can use. It comes with advanced features that allow you to click lovely pictures whenever you want. The app is actually developed by Google and they have managed to provide their users with all the right features in the app. However, the app is not available in any of the android devices. It comes pre-installed only in Google devices such as Pixel and Nexus. Therefore, in order to use the app, you need to download the apk file version. With the steps mentioned in the write-up, you can easily get it downloaded and installed in your device. So what are you waiting for? Go and download the app now and use it to click amazing pictures.

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